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How to use your Box Dispenser


Cardboard-Box Dispenser Instructions:

Step 1
(1) Push the sides of the flat cardboard to begin forming a box.

Step 2
(2) Fold the two end tabs, and close by tucking-in the BOTTOM FLAP.

Step 3
(3) Fold the two end tabs into the top of the box, AND fold-in the third tab connected to the top flap.

Step 4
(4) Insert the Roll-of-Labels, with the labels unrolling out the top of the left-side of the box.

Step 5
(5) Slowly close the top flap, leaving one or two excess labels hanging out of the box.

Step 6
(6) Finish closing the box, but tucking in the top flap (marked 'Made in China').

Step 7
(7) Lay excess labels along the top of the dispenser box. Then, fold-in the two tabs attached to remaining flap.

Step 8
(8) Tuck-in the DISPENSER TAB, over-top of the excess labels, into the pre-cut slot in the top of the box.

Pulling the excess labels should self-peel the labels as they exit the box.